Spotkania na szlaku

Welcome, wanderer!

They call me Shuma. For four years I organize recurring larp set in  early medieval times, in the world inspired by Slavic mytholgy and tales of witchers. Larps take place several times a year in many climatic locations in Poland, mostly in Wielkopolska region. In every game partipates 30 to 50 players. Single game is 3 days long – usually weekends. Our games are chacterized by climatic locations, scenography and props accuracy and intersting open scenarios. Would you like to play with us? It’s simple! – look for the details of new adventures on our Facebook fanpage. We will be more than happy if you click on the like button and follow us (you may find the fb link on the left).

You haven’t got a costume? That’s no obstacle – we are open to the begginers and gladly offer help with completing the outfit.

You never played and you’re affraid  that larp is not for you? Did you really? You cannot say “I never did” if you ever, as a child, played “Cowboys and Indians” or other similar games based on role playng. To join us all you need is willingness, commitment and a bit of imagination. Together we can create the new chapter of “Adventures on the trail”

Questions? Just contact us!

Let us meet on the trail!