Our Team

Małgorzata „Shuma” Bizukojć

Sometimes called The Wifey by fellow players (nobody knows why) 😉 Architect by education, the owner of Bizukoma brand that makes costumes and unconventional clothing and organizes larps. At first they were mostly outdoor games and larps located in Poznań and Wielkopolska

Ona-man-band: in “Adventures on the trail” project she is responsible for scenarios, props, choice of locations, leading and orgianising games.

Privately – admirer of fantasy worlds, historical reenactment, music, travelling and good literature.

Patrick „Patrol” Bielawski

Scriptwriter and Gamemaster and also hardworking, dilligent creature – without him our project couldn’t have been developed so nicely. Profesionally associated with managing, logistics, planning.

In larp society since 2002. Admirer of explicit scenes and expressive scenarios with experience gained  in over 200 games. Author of scripts and game mechanics, player, NPC. He believes that most important is the tale.

He specializes in dark stories with deeper, hidden message. He loves to personate the type of characters which he discribes “The character I play isn’t evil, just misunderstood”

Przyjaciele szlaków:

Bartek Janiczek

Photographer, well known as “Rekografia”. Thanks to his tallent and his good eye you can enjoy beautiful pictures of our games.

Early music ensemble „Huskarl”

They were with us on Trail many times, their beautiful music graced many of our games, making miraculous atmosphere. Must hear!

Paweł Kępa „Storycraft”

Good spirit and devoted friend of our project. He supports us with promotion activities. If you like good storytelling, visit his page.